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About Fair Funding

Fair Funding is led by Platform Trust, a national network of non-government organisations (NGOs) that provide a wide range of mental health and addiction services in communities across New Zealand.

The aim of Fair Funding is to re-establish an equitable funding system and stop the erosion of the NGO sector’s sustainability. 

This website began in 2014 for the general election and Platform has reinvigorated it for the 2017 election because, three years on, the issues remain.


We are raising the following issues on behalf of our members. 

  • Each year DHBs receive a Contribution to Cost Pressure (CCP) from the Government to help offset inflation and, more often than not, don't pass this on to NGO services who are struggling to meet rising costs.
  • DHBs often fund NGO services at a lower rate than they fund their own services.
  • Prices DHBs pay for the same NGO services vary wildly across the country.
  • NGOs are regularly required to re-tender for their services, when DHBs services aren't.
  • NGOs are often audited multiple times a year by multiple government agencies to collect the exact same information which costs time, money and resource.